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SkillShare is a Time Bank headquartered in Boulder, CO, that connects residents of the Colorado front range to each other and to community service organizations.  SkillShare allows the trading of services through the use of time credits (known as TimeDollars) which constitute an alternative currency based on time rather than cash. For every hour you spend doing something for someone in the SkillShare community, you earn one TimeDollar. Then you have one TimeDollar to spend on having someone do something for you. Simple, but powerful, both for you and for your new community. 

Membership Potlucks, prospective members are welcome:
Upcoming New Member Orientations. Follow link below to meetup.com for event info:
Board Meetings, all members are welcome to sit in:
  • TBA

Contact skshmem@gmail.com for information about any of these events!

TimeDollars create benefits for individuals, families, and organizations by providing affordable access to services and opportunities for giving back. This “win-win” is the foundation for positive community building and social change. Within Time Banking, everyone’s skills are equally valued and everyone benefits. SkillShare is all about helping. SkillShare members do that when they

  • Make exchanges with each other
  • Volunteer time to one of our Partners

Read more about SkillShare.

SkillShare is mentioned in an article in the business section of the Longmont Times Call (September 1, 2013).

Check out this article about SkillShare in The Daily Camera.


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February 2016 Skoop

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